“Come Hell or High Water, I’m going to go fishing!”

Weekend Preview Fishing Report for 6.9.23 –  6.11.23
Current Flows: 13,700+
Weather Forecast: Saturday — Mid 70s with a chance of thunderstorms Sunday — mid 70s with a chance of thunderstorms

Mighty Mo’:

Woooo the water is high! The fish are out there but it’s tough if you don’t get deep enough.
Nymphs: #1 Worms, #2 Sowbugs, Frenchies, Caviar Scud, Pill Popper, Green Machine, Psycho May
*** Make sure you’re fishing 8 to 10 feet from your top fly to your strike indicator. Crazy advice but I think it’s warranted — if you can’t find bottom add an extra split shot. Our guides are reporting there are fish to be caught but you have to go DEEP! Sow bugs and PMD nymphs seem to be the ticket.
Dry Flies: 401K, Purple Haze, CDC Baetis Dun, Cripple BWO, Hi-Vis Spinner BWO, Purple Para-Wolff
*** Very little dry fly action out there right now but there is some. You can’t anchor your boat very effectively. Right now, river isn’t amateur hour right now.
Streamers: Kreelex, Sparkle Minnow, Sparkle Yummy, Skiddish Smolt, Doc’s Articulator, Lil Kim, Polar Minnow
*** It’ll be better when the clouds are over head which is in the forecast. Sinking leaders and sink tip fly line are key.


Smith River Fishing Report:

Smith is still high. Just over 1K but when it’s this high it’s easy floating but more difficult fishing. Look for those inside bends when wade fishing. Use a rubber leg and a worm.


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