The flows are now about 4160 cfs (normally ~4780). Water temps at the dam are ~44, a bit warmer down river. Tons of midges on the water last night. You might need some of that Jet Fuel today.

The trout seem to key in on certain stages of midges at certain times. The key is to crack the code while your fishing, keep trying different bugs. Lots of Baetis out and you will find fish on them but it’s difficult when the wind is blowing. Nymphing remains good to great in the upper river and good to fair in the canyon and lower river. Streamer fishing can also be pretty darn good at times and you will find some big fish with a big streamer. A sink tip can help out when chucking buggers.
Please be careful wading as to not step on the rainbow trout redds (spawning beds).

Spring Fishing Tip: For streamers try using a sink-tip line of a Versi-Leader to get down deeper.
For nymphs, set your indicator at twice the depth you are fishing, add at least one BB shot above your top fly (see fly list below) and get that rig to drift drag free.
Hauser (or “LOG”) is happening now big time- both in terms of number of fish up there and the number of anglers as well. You will catch fish on streamers and nymphs. Try a Pink Lightning Bug behind a Firebead Czech. PLEASE be careful not to step on any redds and please don’t be greedy and fish directly over spawning trout. You wouldn’t like it if someone busted into your bedroom at the heat of the moment so let the trout do their thing too!
You can keep an eye on Canyon Ferry Reservoir levels, weather and of course, streamflows on our Streamflows page.
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See our News & Events page for information on upcoming events and info on the Trout Populations on the MO & Smith. Also read about it in the article from the Helena IR this March.
Check out this TV news report on Craig, MT that aired on TV a while back -it’s still an interesting segment..

Baetis (BWO), Midges, few Skwalas, few Caddis (lower river)

-#18-#20 Parachute Adams
-#18-#22 CDC Hanging Midge
-#18-#22 Sprout Emergers
-#16-#18 Buzz Ball

Nymphs & Streamers:
-#14-#18 Firebead ____ (something -they all are working)
-#14-#16 Tungsten Weight Flies (Rainbow, Purple)
-#16-#18 Lightning Bugs (Pink, Silver, Gold)
-#18-#22 Mirage Nymphs
-#16-#20 Superflash PT
-#18-#20 Zebra Midges (Black, Red, Purple)
-#18-#20 Love Bugs
-#6-#10 Buggers (Black, Black & Grizzly, Olive)
-#4-#6 Conehead Kiwi Muddler
-#4 Skiddish Smolt
-#2-#6 Fish-Skull MO-Minnow

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