BC-wolf-tracksJust as I expected…no call. Then the dreadful thoughts hit me… Did he lose his phone in the river? Maybe they sunk the jet boat? He did say they’re bears—maybe one ate him? What about those wolf tracks he saw last year—maybe he decided to join the pack? And of course, the one person I need to talk with the most is unavailable. I know it’s not his fault, but this happens every time he leaves for the WILD.

Our family life is messy. I guess you can say it’s typical for this day and age — I’m a divorced mom with three kids. Of course, being in relationship with a fly shop owner who’s never been married before comes with its own baggage. Yes, living life with me is not easy, but nobody mentioned how insane life would be dating a trout bum!

It’s time to call the Sisters; I need a shoulder. My Sisters don’t Fly. They don’t Swing either. But they know how to Toss: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila — floor!
Tomorrow I’ll show them how to Tenkara.

One Response to A Steelhead Widow’s Diary: Day 3
  1. TroutBumGirl, You have my deepest sympathy. When I still had a wife, I used to leave her alone too, far to often and I remember hearing about the same worries and fears. She even called out the sheriff a couple of times when I was too late. Consider this though, for any comfort it might be, Your man is only gone for a week, I’m a steelhead addict too and have already been chasing chrome for over three weeks this fall, in both BC and Idaho. Once you get the chance to go, you’ll better understand the “fever”. I hope it’s soon. I’d like to compare notes, stories & lies with Chris when he returns. Gary Schnicke, Three Forks.


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