Greg Smith’s colored-up BC Buck

I got a call tonight! Although I could only get every other syllable, it was good to hear his voice and know that he’s still swinging. He said weather has been decent, and chrome chasing has been “OK”. Oh, and NO BEARS, yet!  Well, that’s a relief.

Today marks the half-way point of the trip—at least it’s supposed to. I’m sure the boys still have the “fever” and the task of driving 1100 miles back home is not a thought on their mind. I’ve been watching the forecast and it looks like the window for the journey home will be blessed with adequate travel weather. Thank you, Saint Christopher!

captain-ron-laura-wanekI have to say, the other day, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet an adventerous couple who are floating the mighty Missouri River from the headwaters in Three Forks to as far as they can in a precarious vessel called the ‘Tipsy Turtle’. Captain Ron, a 40-year veteran commercial whitewater guide, and his girlfriend Laura, a musician from San Diego, started this epic float nearly a month ago. Like all adventures, their journey has been wrought with challenges that would send most people, especially those like Laura who have never camped or done any type of outdoor adventure of this sort, heading home with their tail between their legs. Captain Ron thought she wouldn’t make it two weeks, but she’s till holding strong. Way to go Laura! When you’ve got love, who needs fuzzy fleece or puffy down jackets to keep warm. (Errrr, I do!)

Ron and Laura, it was a privilege meeting you and thank you for the encouragement to push on despite the conditions. To follow their adventure visit Laura’s blog.

Happy Trails Current!

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