strainers-bc-buckI got the text… He’s coming home! Now the 1100 mile drive through dangers unknown with uncertain weather. And so it begins—radio silence. Will he drive it in one 24 hour block or will he decide to lay over one night? And, which way will he come back? I won’t know until I hear from him and that could be tonight, or it could be tomorrow.

I’m finally feeling better, so I decided to tackle a few projects I wanted to get done while he was away. Of course, I wont’ get them all finished. Maybe I’m feeling good enough for one last girl’s night out. When’s he leaving again? Just kidding. I’m excited to soon have him back in my arms again!

Until Next Year…

One Response to A Steelhead Widow’s Diary: Day 8
  1. TroutBumGirl, I’ve enjoyed your daily reports of the annual steelhead odyssey, from the perspective of the wife who had to stay behind. Brought back memories of similar times past as i said earlier and gave me insight into the trepidation and concerns I caused. Makes me regret having caused them. Hope he made a safe trip home in spite of the weather. GTS


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