Ladies and Gentlemen of the fly fishing community, please allow us to introduce ourselves. This is Ed blogging straight from Craig, MT with my co-pilot Bill. Both Bill and I have spent the past five years fishing and exploring around the city of Missoula. We have taken away many fish tales from that area, both true and not, but we are not here to share the great stories of those waters. We are here to provide our dedicated CurrentSeam followers with some Mighty Missouri River wisdom.

So today we decided to give you guys a picture of a nice rainbow with my good friend’s dog Marlo. This little guy took a caddis, and for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been blind fishing this bigger fly (size 12-14) off the bank in the same fashion as throwing out an early season Skwala on the Bitterroot.  The elk-hair caddis has been producing some big fish for me lately. So my tip for trade of the day is to not be afraid to fish the big bug, just present it well and you will be rewarded. (Do not try this on still water or you will be more frustrated than rewarded.)

-Bill and Ed

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