Not everyone is as lucky as I am. After my first LIFE I found a girl that wants to fish. She knows not to go all the time but pushes me into it on other days. She moved to Craig Montana for me this summer, enough said.

If you are swinging that big fly in the river of many fishes don’t just set on the first tug. That’s right, interview them, I mean take them fishing. Don’t go on that perfect overcast, misty Baetis day. NO instead go in August when you have to work for a fish. Does he or she know how to row? How about tying an Bimini Twist? Better yet do they want to learn? It is not just about the mutual attraction between you and your fish in the river. Its about how well can you get along fly fishing together.

With that said I have 5 Questions/Requirements for those not in the know:

1. Can he or she back up a trailer? – That better be a Yes! Rear bumpers are expensive, especially if its not yours.

2. Can he or she row a boat? – Again it better be a Yes! You want to fish too.

3. Learn to Double Haul in a Day – If not they will never get it.

4. Do they look good holding a big brown trout? – If you can’t look good holding a brown trout then…You decide.

5. They MUST understand how a shuttle works. – It sounds easy but really the number of people that don’t get it is surprising.


P.S.  (aka brownie points) Love you Honey!

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