YUP! It’s that time of the year. We anglers that “lose-em in the summer” & “tie-em” in the winter have begun. We have started to replace the flies, gone to fish, stream side shrubbery and friends. For some of us it is a passion and a pleasure to seduce trout with our own creation. To others, guides in particular, it becomes a labor of love / hate. LOTS TO TIE for the upcoming season. It’s miniature art with a purpose.
Tying flies is quite enjoyable not to mention the $$$ savings. A natural progression within the fascinating sport / art of fly fishing is becoming familiar with the insects. The entomology of the waters we fish and love. Knowing a bit about the anatomy & structure of a particular insect we are attempting to imitate can really help.
THAT is what I can help you with. Not only do I show you how to set up your vice, become familiar with the operation of all the tools, and how to attach feathers, fur and fluff to a hook, I will also explain how, when, & where to use the streamers, dry flies & nymphs we will tie in my schools. The schools are filling up quickly so please call the shop at 406-449-2292 to reserve a spot.
One school consists of 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6PM till 8PM here at the shop. One January school. One February. One March school. I supply all materials used during the school evening. Weekly hand-outs are given so you can do your homework before the next class. You will learn at least 12 – 15 patterns throughout the school. By Spring you should have a pretty good supply of all the patterns necessary to fool those wily trout. This is also an opportunity to meet new angler & fly tying friends. I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing more about this wonderful sport.
Jim Stein, Director Of Schools



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