YUP! It’s that time of the year. We anglers that “lose-em in the summer” & “tie-em” in the winter have begun. We have started to replace the flies, gone to fish, stream side shrubbery and friends. For some of us it is a passion and a pleasure to seduce trout with our own creation… read more →

11 Aug 2015
August 11, 2015


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I have had plenty of wonderful, scary, spectacular adventures in the “great-out-of-doors”. Each has driven me further. Whether in my boots or in a saddle the exhilaration of it all lets me know why OUR GOOD LORD has provided us with our senses and places to use them. Here is another shared with great friends… read more →

08 Jul 2015
July 8, 2015


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Perhaps some of you don’t know the origin of  Purple Haze. A few years ago, 1966 to be exact, a young incredibly talented  guitar player known as Jimi Hendrix recorded an album (vinyl of  course) titled “Are You Experienced”. One of many great cuts on that large black disc was “Purple Haze”.   During “those”.. read more →

It began on a 15 degree below zero February day in the year 2015. It came to fruition at 52 degrees mid June of the same year. Jim selected all the parts and pieces necessary to build  his latest fly rod.  An 8 foot #5 line in 3 sections.  Blue Halo out of  Salt Lake.. read more →