08 Jul 2015
July 8, 2015


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Perhaps some of you don’t know the origin of  Purple Haze. A few years ago, 1966 to be exact, a young incredibly talented  guitar player known as Jimi Hendrix recorded an album (vinyl of  course) titled “Are You Experienced”. One of many great cuts on that large black disc was “Purple Haze”.   During “those” years there were all sorts of colors of haze.

Several years ago a Montana Fly Fishing guide (Andy C.) on the Bitterroot  River thought he would alter the infamous, most common, well used & preferred, generic May Fly dry “The Adams” Basically all that was done was the grey body material has been replaced with purple. I first started fishing purple on a variety of flies 3 to 4 years ago. On streamers, on drys, on nymphs, on literally anything that would cast from the terminal end of my tippet. I have been having ridiculously fine results and from the volume of purple material in our fly tying room and the requests for more and more patterns tied in purple so have many others anglers.  If you have not tried that color YOU SHOULD!

In the above posted photo you will see 2 varieties of Purple Haze. One will be fun to catch fish with the other will be the result of reckless abandon in an un-named slippery like goose snot creek. One I highly recommend the other would be something to avoid “at all cost”

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