We will have them in the shop for early 2014!   I casted one late summer and its a go for my quiver.  Hopefully Chris ordered enough. Have you heard of the Glass Superfine yet? Have you casted a modern glass rod? Let us know what you think.


[brightcove vid=2572749223001&exp3=1680442789001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1678873490001&pk=AQ~~,AAABhuSoclE~,kvzoL-4qOJecqkr91BX7L9zzCgMoiF9a&w=480&h=270]

One Response to Grow Your Own Superfine Glass
  1. I received my Orvis Glass 7ft #3 some weeks ago and did a quick test cast outside.

    The finish is quite good. Functional and typical of Orvis as I know. The pea color blank reminds us of the Golden Eagle glass rods (blanks by the way made by now defunct Phillipson rod company) Orvis sold during the 1970’s. The blank is quite thick at the grip.

    The rod casts very smooth (I strung up a reel with an old Sage Quiet DT #3 line) as could be expected of a fiber glass rod. The rod has a lot more back bone than I thought it would have. The rod has this marvelous delicate flex enabling to cast with only a few feet of line out. I also tried with a SA’s XPS (SA stopped with the XPS series in 2012) WF3 line. The rod really shines around 15 – 25 feet of line. It’s really nice to feel a rod that doesn’t ‘invite’ to cast 80+ feet like most graphite rods today. Forcing the rod does make the tip jump a bit.

    7ft for a #3 is a very nice rod for small mountain creeks and streams. Just what I intend to use the rod for. $395 is a very decent price for a well made rod (incl. a fiber glass rod tube!) from the oldest mail order company.

    (The Netherlands)

    Chris I visited your store in Helena when I was visiting my buddy Don Richards in 2002.
    Hope to visit your Missouri store one day.


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