[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBAKjBxrk-A&w=420&h=315]Hot and wet, good when you’re with a lady, bad if you’re a fish. To state the obvious it’s hot out there and with little relief in the forecast Montana F.W.P has issued Hoot-Owl Restrictions on several rivers in the state. Hoot-Owl restrictions mean no fishing from 2 p.m util midnight on effected waterways. Here’s the complete list of rivers under fishing restrictions….

  • The entire length of the Big Hole except from Dickey Bridge to Maiden Rock F.A.S
  • The entire length of the Jefferson River
  • The entire length of the Blackfoot River
  • The entire length of the Bitterroot River
  • The Clark Fork from the headwaters to its confluence with the Flathead River
  • Flint Creek from the Highway 1 bridge downstream to its confluence
  • Silver Bow Creek from its confluence with Warm Springs Creek to the confluence with Blacktail Creek

This portion of the post strictly represents the opinion of the poster (me) and does not necessarily represent the opinions of CrossCurrents Fy Shop.

That’s the official list, just because a certain stream, creek, or river isn’t listed doesn’t mean it okay to fish. Common sense and even the slightest amount of morality both go a long way in protecting every fishery in the state. Is it against the law to go fishing when the water is bathtub temp if it’s not listed with F.W.P.?  The short answer is no, but it’s morally reprehensible and to be honest you just look like an tool continuing to fish in conditions that are dangerous for trout. That means you shouldn’t be double nymphing on the Smith just because FWP hasn’t told you to stop. I’m not saying don’t get out this weekend and wet a line, I’m just saying be responsible. Bring a thermometer and check the water temp. throughout the day, anything above 67° is dangerous for most fish. Keep your fish wet, we all love getting a picture of fish we catch, I get it. But how many grip and grins do you really need? Leave em’ in the water and get creative with your pics. Go high, getting closer to a river’s source generally means colder water and happier fish. Spend time with your family, I know a lot of you fish to avoid human contact, but you married her (him) and decided to have a family and now you’re stuck. It’s a great weekend to try to remind yourself why you made such a silly choice in the first place. As for me I’ll be cracking many a cold beverage and whipping up some flies for the fall, dreaming of cooler days.

Humble Suggestion to help beat the heat:

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~Cheers, Chewy

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    I am sharing this post from The Current Seam, the blog of the Cross Currents Fly Shop in Craig Montana. As the post indicates, the State of Montana began placing restrictions on Montana’s waterways on Friday, July 3. The restrictions will likely increase.


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