12 Jun 2013
June 12, 2013


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Bill and Ed here reporting from the Big Red Barn with your weekly Missouri River hot flies.  We floated wolf creek to Craig the other night, throwing streamers the majority of the way down. We hooked up with some nice browns that evening using the trusty no-helmet Sculpin pattern you see in the above picture. Those browns are taking the streamers in all sorts of fashions these days, anything from the classic swing to slapping the bank will bring them in. We also started tossing those bigger flies in real shallow riffly seams and the brown dogs seem to be there too, so don’t think they’re not hanging out in that foot of water you float right over.

The other hot flies:

On Top: #14, #16 Elk hair Caddis, #16 TC Caddis Emerger, #16, #18 PMD- cripples and tilt wings, #14, #16 Parachute de Adams.

On zee Bottom: #8 Firebead Wire worm, #16, #18 Flash Pheasant Tail, #18, #20 Zebra Midge, #16, #18, #20 lightning bug (gold, green, purple).

Have fun and get it while the gettin’s good!

-Bill and Ed’s Big Adventures

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