Eddie & Knob Darby Swinging Streamers for hefty ‘Bows on the Missouri

It’s a warm morning here in Craig. The temperature is currently 56 degrees with a slight breeze. Today’s high will be 62 with wind increasing to 18 mph out of the west. The flows are still steady with a reading of 6460 cfs out of the dam.

Last night the boys (Bill & Ed and Knob Darby) hit the water for a little streamer fun. The fish were moving for them, mostly on the swing, one was picked up on the fast strip. Sparkle Minnows and Olive buggers with a little flash were the ticket. Come grab the secret flies and some RIO VersiLeaders (sink tips) at our shop in Craig!


There is more activity on top of the water as each night goes on, though still mostly midges. As the water and air temperature increase look for those Blue Wing Olives any day now.  We’ll keep you posted when they pop!  (You should also follow us on Twitter to get up to the minute info on weather, water and hatches.)

Nymphing has been killer with pink and worms still being the word. Come have some coffee with us in the AM and we’ll get you geared up this morning (or any morning) for the MO.

Drop us a comment and let us know if streamers have been better than nymphs for you.

– Stay Classy you Crazy Fisherman

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