16 Apr 2014
April 16, 2014

Hump Day Trout

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This is Billy

Billy likes to fish. His favorite color is Blue. His favorite river is the Missouri. He is pretty smart.

The MO is still fishing great despite higher flows. Nymphing and streamer fishing is still the game. Czech nymphs, Scuds, Sowbugs, Worms, and anything Firebead is doing well. 7 feet to your weight and double size #12’s under that should pick up those feisty trout… Billy likes trout.

Buggers! Swinging olive, black, purple or white buggers will produce. I’ve been using RIO 10 ft. 5.6 IPS sinking tip, it’s a good versatile leader for these conditions on the Missouri right now. Other streamers that have been doing well are…. MFC’s Sparkle Minnow, Darth Zonker and the Sculpzilla.

Dry Fly Fishing! Not quite here yet, don’t worry it is around the corner. There have been rumors of BWO’s out there, but they are still over-ran by the trillions of midges.

Come stop by the shop in Craig for a glimpse of the SECRET FLY OF THE WEEK!!! It’s homegrown.

-Stay Classy you Crazy Fishermen

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