“When it comes to tying your own flies one of the critical ‘tools’ would be the vice. A person has lots of choices. Everything from a vice grip clamped to a table to a very ornate complicated devise even I don’t know what all the ‘du-dads’ are for. Some where in the middle however will be a vice that will serve you well. First of all DO NOT buy a vice because it is inexpensive. Buy a vice that will last you and the people you hand it down to for many years of enjoyable service. Nothing is more frustrating than having a vice with clumsy, fat jaws that will not hold a hook no matter how tight it seems. I have been tying for 40 some years and teaching the art for more than 25. I took sound advise from a well-seasoned angler/ fly tier. I am glad I did. Over 25 years ago I purchased a Renzetti Traveler. Fine jaws, true rotary, simple and indestructible. I will never regret that purchase. The Renzetti Traveler sold today is nearly identical to the one I still tie on. One improvement is the cam-operated jaws instead of a brass knob to tighten the hook and the base on the pedestal version which now has “pockets” to help keep beads & hooks from hitting the floor, lost forever. I am always glad to see advanced fly tiers as well as “just getting started” in the shop. Let me help you with what ever you need.”

JIM Stein Director of schools                                           Buy Now

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