“When it comes to tying your own flies one of the critical ‘tools’ would be the vice. A person has lots of choices. Everything from a vice grip clamped to a table to a very ornate complicated devise even I don’t know what all the ‘du-dads’ are for. Some where in the middle however will be a.. read more →

Me too! Barbecue, baked, broiled & broasted. However the edible critter is not what I am referring to. Those of us who “lose ’em in the summer and tie ’em in the winter” know of what I speak. That incredibly beautiful, genetically spectacular, OMG bird of valuable feathers. The hen gives us the softer with more.. read more →

Sorry, I missed posting a FISHMAS idea yesterday; the kids and I got caught up making Christmas candy and ornaments! In this post, I’m combining two ideas in one. This gift idea is for those who don’t know anything about fly fishing. At least, not yet. Give More Than a Gift:  Fly Fishing School One thing.. read more →

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of having Luba Solonenko, Reporter from Beartooth NBC News visit us in our Downtown Helena store to do an interview and some video footage about the art of fly tying and our Fly Tying Schools.  We love talking about fly fishing, fly tying and sharing our knowledge and passion for this.. read more →

We usually are fully booked on our Fly Tying Classes 4 to 6 weeks in advance.  However, we had to do some shuffling of students between our February and March classes and that made for some openings.  We have only 1 space left in our Beginner Class starting on February 13th.  We also have just.. read more →

We are here for our locals, back in the Helena shop these days.  While the MO is still fishing great the pressure has finally decreased, the fish say thanks for the break.  If all you have experienced of Montana is the MO well then come talk to us.  We can get you out there in.. read more →