give-a-fly-tying-schoolSorry, I missed posting a FISHMAS idea yesterday; the kids and I got caught up making Christmas candy and ornaments! In this post, I’m combining two ideas in one. This gift idea is for those who don’t know anything about fly fishing. At least, not yet.

Give More Than a Gift:  Fly Fishing School
One thing is for sure…you do not want to teach the one you love (aka your significant other) to fly fish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice gesture, and in all sincerity you really do want her to learn. But, at the same time, you want to fish! Yes, I know you can do it, but if you want to keep the peace, and if you really want your dear one to learn to love fly fishing, then I highly suggest she learns from someone else. She will feel less intimidated learning from him and love you for it. Women learn fly fishing differently than men; preferring less technical explanations and more patience than you like to give. And, she won’t learn if you’re constantly tying on her tippet and flies. Yeah, she’ll be dependent on you. But she’ll feel more like a burden rather than a fishing companion. Let’s face it, she really just doesn’t want you thinking her questions are “dumb” because they’re not. Remember, men are from Mars and women are from Venus!

Just because you want her to fly fish doesn’t mean she will. But if she does pick it up and out fishes you, well, you asked for it! Couples should fish together only if it will be fun for both of them; fly fishing is another way to enjoy companionship in an adventurous setting. But both partners should be comfortable and able to enjoy this sport in their own way. Heck, maybe you should try a fly fishing school or private casting lesson too. Like me, maybe you learned from someone who was not a professional instructor and you learned a lot of bad habits. Just because you’ve been fishing for a while doesn’t mean you can’t learn new tricks.

andy-hooked-upTeaching your kids how to fly fish can be a great way to spend time with your brood. It’s a wonderful experience to engage them in an activity you enjoy, but just like her, they too learn differently than you. As an angler, you know that fly fishing takes patience. Just imagine the patience it takes to teach it! Do yourself and your kids a favor, hire a professional. Like other activities you’ve tried to teach them, kids often learn better from someone other than you.

CrossCurrents Fly Shop offers multi-day fly fishing schools, including Women-only and Parent-Child classes. We can help you help the ones you love learn to love fly fishing.

andy-tying-fliesGive More Than a Gift:  Fly Tying Classes
The normal evolution of fly fishing usually includes learning how to tie flies.  If you’re thinking “I’d like to learn how to tie flies because it would be cheaper than buying commercially tied flies” then think again. Yes, at some point tying your own flies will be an economic advantage, but it’s not the only advantage. The deep satisfaction you will get after catching a fish on a fly you tied is the reason for most. If you haven’t yet learned, and if she doesn’t know what to get the angler who seems to have it all, suggest to her that you’d like to take a fly tying class! Yes, there are plenty of resources online that will help teach you the art of fly tying. But, learning how to tie flies with others goes back to what I’ve talked about in an earlier post–it’s about relationship. The people you’ll meet in a tying class just might be your next best fishing buddies. You’ll also learn a lot more than tying; you’ll learn how to fish! In fact, I’ve had people who have never picked up a fly rod take fly tying classes prior to learning how to fly fish. What ever your reason may be, learning to tie flies is extremely rewarding.

CrossCurrents Fly Shop offers 5 week Beginner Fly Tying classes January through March. Already tie? We also offer Intermediate and Advanced tying classes. You can also stop by on Saturdays for our open tying forum at the Helena shop.

Giving the gift of fly fishing or fly tying with CrossCurrents is easy; we have Gift Certificates as well as special “School Bucks” that make great stocking stuffers.

Let us help you give a gift that keeps on giving.


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