Beautiful brown trout

Here in beautiful Craig Montana a large portion of the conversation, while always based on fly fishing, is focused on the flow of the the river. The people up at the dam have been doing some crazy things with the water flow, these people control many of the fly-fisherman’s lives because quite frankly our lives are often based around catching fish. So what are these dam people doing to our lives now? Well they are making them a heck of a lot better. There is an immense amount of anglers out there that absolutely love the sip of a big ol’ brown trout on their size 16 spinner, this conclusion 100% includes myself. The feeling this dry fly take instills in any person that is obsessed with catching fish is hard to explain, but I will try my best and then I’ll try to get to the point of this post.

So explaining this feeling, it’s like the excitement of winning the lottery mixed with the sensation of watching your favorite sports team win a championship. While this happens you get the warm fuzzy feeling like you just spent a day volunteering and then drank a big toasty cup of hot chocolate with some nice fluffy marshmallows on top while feeling the spark of a first kiss with a true love. Hopefully this helps explain the feeling of seeing that 22″ trout roll over your dry fly; the feeling is pretty darn incredible. (this description was heavily edited to be appropriate)

Now, the point of this blabber. The Dry fly fishing is finally picking up! With the flow now at 5220 CFS the fish are beginning to feed on top more consistently and occasionally even pod up. How I am working in the shop and not out fishing at these fish now I so not even know. If you are one of those fisherman that loves the feel and the sight of the dry fly take, get your dry rod rigged up and start packing your dry box when you are on the river because it’s starting to pick up.


Cross Currents employee with his dry fly box ready to go


For a fishing report and any help with anything fly fishing come into the shop and our personable staff will help you out with any of your fly fishing needs.

-Photos taken by Will Darby

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  1. here i am

  2. Current Seam:

    Thanks for the Dry Fly update. I’ve got the 3rd week of June to fish and have been checking the Mo fishing report daily. It has been a pretty slow dry fly spring on the Mo and nice to hear that with the lower water it is picking up….gives me hope. I check-out the Current Seam regularly and enjoy it…thanks for the consistent reporting/updates.


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