Spring is here and the fishing is disgustingly good! No matter your skill level or preferred method of fishing, the MO has something for everyone right now.

Nymphing: Sow bugs, Psycho May, Frenchie, and your favorite Baetis flavor nymphs are all working with good consistency. Fish the deeper channels around 6-7’ and over any drop off or shelf you find. If you come across some risers without your trusty dry rod, shorten up to 3’ and try your luck; short leashing has worked well in spurts.

Streamers: Don’t be afraid to take a heavier rod and sink tip to throw some flashy streamers across the faster, skinny water. Silver Kreelex, Lil Kim, and Thin Mint have been responsible for some larger fish in 1-3 feet of water of late.

Dry Flies: Action has been getting more consistent in the evenings and we’re starting to see BWO and the occasional March Brown as temperatures trend upwards. Throw on a parawulf or your favorite cripple Baetis or PMD pattern and go hunting for sippers! Film Critic, D&D cripple, and 401k Baetis have all caught fish. 

River conditions: With the flow around 3100 CFS (and unlikely to vary much) the MO is slow and has given the advantage being pretty easy to row and wade. Row back and hit the same run several times or wade up and down almost any stretch of river. 

Bulletins: The shop is open from 7-6pm everyday of the week. We still have free coffee, available guides, fishing licenses, and all the gear to supply your next fly fishing adventure right here at the store in Craig. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you in the shop or on the water!

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