Missouri River Fly Fishing Report “Bro, ’!” Current Flows: 4,400 Weather Forecast: Saturday — Sunny, Low 80s Sunday — Sunny, High 70s Hatch Report: PMD, Caddis The Missouri River’s bug activity has dramatically increased. Last Sunday, I floated the canyon and there were caddis constantly hatching from mid morning all the way to early afternoon. Flows are stabilizing and.. read more →

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report “Happy Dad’s Day. Now go fishin’!” Current Flows: 6,100+ Weather Forecast: Saturday — Windy, in the 70s Sunday — cooler, 60s to 70s Hatch Report: PMD, Caddis, Midges The Missouri River change in flows are affecting the fishing a little and that means you’ll have switch up quite often, change depths, and try to.. read more →

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report “Bye wind. Hello, better fishing!” Current Flows: 5,350+ Weather Forecast: Saturday — Mid 80s Sunday — mid 80s and chance of rain Hatch Report: PMD, Caddis, Midges The wind was definitely an issue the past few days. Can’t get a proper drift on the Mo’, you’re not going to have much success. The good.. read more →

Mighty Mo’ Fishing Report “Mom, Thanks!” Current Flows: 4,000 cfs Weather Forecast: Saturday — High 70s & sunny Sunday — 80s! & sunny Hatch Report: Midges, BWOs, March Brown The heat is coming this weekend but we have to respect momma too. So you have to be smart. Make a plan where you honor the mother of the house.. read more →

Mighty Mo’ Fly Fishing Report “I got 99 problems but a fish aint one.”  Current Flows: 3,600+ cfs Weather Forecast: Saturday — Low 50s & rain/clouds Sunday — Low 60s & partly cloudy Hatch Report: Midges, BWOs Midges, check! BWOs, check! The Missouri River is starting to produce a lot more bugs. With water temps at that ideal mid 40s.. read more →

Mighty Mo’ Fly Fishing Report “A lot of nymphin’ means a lot of catchin’!”  Current Flows: 3,600+ cfs Weather Forecast: Saturday — Mid 70s with wind 10mph Sunday — Mid 70s with 10mph Hatch Report: Midges It’s as if the fly fishing gods looked at this weekend and said “You know, our fly fishing minions deserve some nice weather on their.. read more →

23.5 degrees is the angle of tilt our beautiful, blue planet has in relation to our celestial star. This oblique angle enables our seasons to ebb and flow with precise regularity as we orbit around the Sun at an amazing 67,000 mph. In the 10 seconds it took to read the last couple of sentences.. read more →

Weekend Preview Fishing Report for 8.18.23 – 8.20.23   Current Flows: 4,020 cfs Weather Forecast: Saturday — Cloudy, high 70s Sunday — Rainy, low 70s Hatch Report: Trico, Caddis, Pseudos Mighty Mo’ Report “If you can’t take the heat, put your fly rod down and get off the river.”  Woo baby, it’s a hot one. The temps are.. read more →

Spring is here and the fishing is disgustingly good! No matter your skill level or preferred method of fishing, the MO has something for everyone right now. Nymphing: Sow bugs, Psycho May, Frenchie, and your favorite Baetis flavor nymphs are all working with good consistency. Fish the deeper channels around 6-7’ and over any drop.. read more →

Late August is treating us well. Cooler weather and water have our trout raring to go and happily feeding again. As one guide said the other day, “The fish look like themselves again.” Good news here after a long hot spell: you can see the hills again, the weather is getting nicer, and the famous.. read more →