Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

“Bye wind. Hello, better fishing!”

Current Flows: 5,350+
Weather Forecast: Saturday — Mid 80s Sunday  mid 80s and chance of rain
Hatch Report: PMD, Caddis, Midges
The wind was definitely an issue the past few days. Can’t get a proper drift on the Mo’, you’re not going to have much success. The good news is there’s a lot more consistency in the fish. It was a weird week but now they’re a lot more aggressive. This week should shift a lot. We “should” see a lot more bugs. Look for Sunday as the better fishing day. Overcast is what you need.

Nymphs: Zebra Midge, Spanish Bullet, Tailwater Sow, Psycho May, Split Case BWO, Hairs Ear, Blooms Weight Fly, Duracell, Galloups UV Pupa, Kelleric Pick n’ Roll

***Mornings still doing sowbugs and PMD nymphs. Short leash in the afternoon if you’re not skilled enough for PMD dry fly fishing.

Dry FliesPurple Craze, Hi Vis Spinner, HOlK Bactis, Klink Hammer, Cornfed Caddis, Jake’s Hivis Coddis, Double-Duck Caddis, Harroups CDL Caddis

***You can find good rising fish if you look for them. Focus on mayfly spinners and CDC Caddis.

Streamers: Lil’ Kim, Game Changer, JJ Special, Sparkle Minnows, Flash Fry Zonker, Kreelex, Docs Articulator, Sparkle Yummy

***Streamers are still doing well. No weeds on the Mo’ and fish are crushing them.
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