Mighty Mo’ Fly Fishing Report

“A lot of nymphin’ means a lot of catchin’!” 
Current Flows: 3,600+ cfs
Weather Forecast: Saturday — Mid 70s with wind 10mph Sunday — Mid 70s with 10mph
Hatch Report: Midges
It’s as if the fly fishing gods looked at this weekend and said “You know, our fly fishing minions deserve some nice weather on their days off. Lets take this weekend give them some 70 temps but that’s all they get. That following Monday we will throw them some snow and cooler temps.” Regardless if you believe in the fly fishing gods or not, this weekend is going to be ideal. Brush the dust off them waders, head to CrossCurrents for your flies and gear then get out on the river!
Nymphs: Pill Popper #12 – #16, Caviar Scud #12 – #16, Poxyback Sow Bug #12/#14, Tunsim Fire Bead Sowbug #12 – #16, Zebra Midge #16 – #20, Tailwater Sow, Cotton Candy, Amex
***It’s primarily nymphing right now for tearly Spring on the Mo’. Focus on a combination of firebeads, pill poppers and caviar scuds.
Dry Flies: Parachute Adams, Smoke Jumper, Buzzball, Cluster Midge, Griffins Gnat, Cornfed Caddis
***Dry Fly has been a pleasant surprise. Lots of folks hooking up as long as the wind is manageable. Look for BWOs to really pop off later this month.
Streamers: Lil’ Kim, JJ Special, Sparkle Minnows, Flash Fry Zonker, Kreelex, Docs Articulator, Sparkle Yummy
***Prime Streamer Time is almost here. Once those water temps really start to go up just a few degrees, you can start throwing bigger streamers. Right now, get your streamer down and don’t move them too quick. Slow and steady wins the race.

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