Mighty Mo’ Fishing Report

“Mom, Thanks!”

Current Flows: 4,000 cfs
Weather ForecastSaturday — High 70s & sunny Sunday  80s! & sunny
Hatch Report: Midges, BWOs, March Brown
The heat is coming this weekend but we have to respect momma too. So you have to be smart. Make a plan where you honor the mother of the house and steal a few hours on the river. Moms in Montana do get to fish for free on Mother’s Day, that’s a perk! But that seems to obvious. “Hey mom, did you know the state of Montana allows mothers to fish for free on your special day?” Yes son, we’ve done this the past ten years.” See, she’ll start to catch on to your selfish manipulation so be smarter. Wake up early, make breakfast. Give her 10 small gifts. Come up with an anecdote for each. “This flower reminds me of how beautiful you are.” “This new tooth brush reminds me of how great of a job you did raising me.” Then make a dinner plan. Make sure she’s well fed and give her peace at the end of the day and that’s when you sneak out! Just an idea.
Nymphs: Green Machine #18, Olive Napoleon Jig #18, Pill Popper #12 – #16, Caviar Scud #12 – #16, Poxyback Sow Bug #12/#14, Tunsim Fire Bead Sowbug #12 – #16, Zebra Midge #16 – #20, AMEX #14-#16, Tailwater Sow #12 – #14, Pyscho May #18 – #20, Crystal Bender Baetis, #18 – #20
***Upper river sowbug to blue wing. If you’re seeing spinners on the water, throw that Green Machine on. In the canyon, a March Brown on top like a pheasant tail is a good call this weekend.
Dry Flies401K Baetis #18 – #20, Film Critic BWO #18, Griffiths Gnat #18 – #22, Cluster Midge #14 – #18, Purple Haz #16 –  #18, Parachute Adams #16 – #18, Hi-Vis Spinner BWO #16 – #20, Sprout Emerger BWO #16 – #20, RS2 #16 – #20, Low Rider Skwala
***Upper river for BWOs around 3P seems to be the ticket these days. Fish two flies, 13 foot leader. 4x to the top fly and then 18 inches of 5x tippet to the bottom fly. If spinners are on the water, Hi-Vis Rusty or a Hi-Vis Blue Wing will be good. Emergers go with Film Critic or Blue Wing sprout. In the canyon, fish are dialed in a little bit more on March Browns.
Streamers: Lil’ Kim, Game Changer, JJ Special, Sparkle Minnows, Flash Fry Zonker, Kreelex, Docs Articulator, Sparkle Yummy
***Look to fish the top ends of islands. Start to fish the larger streamers and strip it in fast. Early morning and late evening is the best.
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