We are blessed beyond what words can describe.
We live in a state of so much richness and beauty I have a hard time deciding which way to go. The climate often dictates how and what to seek out. We have been having a warm spell for the middle of February.  Good for some not so much for others.
Our snow pack is near average for most of the state. GOOD thing. We had a poor snow pack last year. So many depend on that gift from the sky. Ranchers, farmers, all municipal water systems and of course we anglers.
The waters we fish through out the winter months are some of the world’s finest trout streams. Tailwater fisheries makes conditions even more predictable than the freestone water.
I am a “streamer junkie” love the tug. Winter, in spite of the temps, is perfect streamer weather. Because the surface water is colder than the deep water -then it’s THAT deep, dark water where you need to be.
Two handed (spey) casting with my 12 Foot 5 Weight has really opened a whole new “bunch of fun.” No I do not plan on using it for Steelhead, Salmon, or Pike.
It is the most enjoyable streamer rod for trout I have ever used.  That common expression we use fits perfectly: “THE TUG IS THE DRUG”  Don’t strip that thing like we do in warmer parts of the year. Huck it out there, let it swing and be ready for a near-violent  “take.” Be happy with improving your casting. Don’t get caught up with “I MUST CATCH MANY FISH”
If you have any questions I am very please to help you out. Stop in the Helena shop and try on a streamer or two.

Jim Stein….Director of schools

Contact us to be put on our list of folks interested in one of our Spey Casting Clinics we will host in March and April.  They’re free and you’ll have a lot of fun as you learn the wonderful world of spey!  (Spey casting is not just for 2-handed rods -it works great with a single-hand rod too.)

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