It’s mid March, that time of year when we could have mid 50’s and sunny one day, then 34 degrees and snow the next. The fish don’t seem to mind though, they are very willingly eating nymphs and streamers; plus when the conditions are right, they are targeting midges on the surface. The water temp is still staying right around 35 degrees, but she is flirting with 36 from time to time. Winter water holding areas are still very key for finding and catching fish, although we are starting to see a few fish move into shallower water. Seasons are definitely changing. Flows have been on the rise lately, instead of being in the 5000cfs range, we have been in the 6000cfs range the last few days. Be careful if you’re out there wading around.

Nymphing: We are still finding 7-8 feet from indicator to first fly to be more productive than shallower rigs. Target the seams coming off of riffles that meet up with deeper slower water. Prime lead bugs are the Caviar Scud, the Tungsten Firebead Sowbug, the Amex, and the Firebead Rainbow Czech….14 or 16’s on those. For your trailing bug, use a Pink Lightning Bug, Tailwater Sowbug, Poxyback Sowbug, Cotton Candy, or a Ray Charles….16 or 18’s on those.

Streamers: We’ve been swinging streamers from shore and from the boat. If we are casting toward shore, we are doing some mini strips, that seems to be enticing, but if we are casting toward the middle of the river, just let it swing and enjoy the views. Our top producers have been the Doc’s Articulator, Sparkle Minnow, Kreelex Minnow, Flash Fry, Doc’s Parrot, Skiddish Smolts, and Mini Dungeons. Go light on the colors…whites, light greens, greens, with some flash.

Dry Fly: If you can find some noses out there feeding on midges, you’ll likely be able to get them to eat your dry. The Cluster Midge, Buzzball, Griffith’s Gnat, Midge Cluster, Comparabuzz, Sprout Midge, and the Smokejumper Midge have been giving us some steady action.

The fishing is hot right now, so come see us and go fishing. Just come prepared, we never know what the day will bring in regards to the weather. Our Spring Special Guide Rate is still going on until April 15th, so take advantage of that. It’s not often you get to go on a Guided fishing trip for only $375 on a world class river with world class Guides.

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