Fishing has been really great for a couple months now, but with the rise in water temperature that is occurring, things are only going to keep getting better. The midge hatch the last few evenings has been incredible, with many fish taking flies on the surface, and now with the rumors of baetis appearing on the surface, get ready for dry fly season, it’s knocking on our door! Our current Fly of the Month, The Cluster Midge, should be one of your number one choices for targeting those willing noses! Trail a Griffith’s Gnat, Buzzball, your favorite midge dry, a Sprout Baetis Emerger, or a CDC Parachute BWO and you should be successful. The Spring time buffet that takes place is about to begin and the trout will start lining up to eat, be ready!

Nymphing continues to be the most productive way to bring fish to the net. We are still using firebeads as the top fly, while trailing smaller midge and now even baetis nymphs. The Tungsten Firebead Sow, Cavier Scud, Firebead Wire Worm are excellent top flies right now. Black Zebra Midges, Green Machines, Lightning Bugs in both pink and purple, and San Juans are good bottom flies. The fish are eating, so if you go through an area that you’re sure should produce fish, but didn’t, change your depth up, then change your fly up if needed.

Copper/Gold Kreelex streamer patterns still are producing well, as are a number of other streamers. Just keep pounding the banks, it’s not uncommon to get between 12-14 follows on a float, but only hook into five or six. The follows are still pretty fun to watch. Keep an eye on our flows and water temps. Our flow has been on the rise, but drops back down a couple hundred cfs from time to time. The temp is probably the most exciting change right now, we’re approaching the mid 40 degree range, which will mean more midges and baetis on the surface!

Keep at it out there, if you’re struggling, be sure to stop by either our Helena Shop or our Craig Shop. We’ll get you on the right path!

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