Flows this morning are still in the mid 8K range. Water temps staying the same at a solid 44 deg. up at the dam. We saw a ton of boats over the weekend, but that seems to have died down as we head into the middle of the work week. Overall, fishing can be great. If you find em’ stay there and put a few in the boat. Where there is one, there are usually a few. The weather is looking to warm up over the next few days. Today we are starting off with some good cloud cover. Should be sunny by mid afternoon.

Dries: BWO’s and Midges. Some risers here and there, not the most consistent game right now. The hatches are really going out there. We expect it to get really good on the dry any time soon. Try throwing some CDC Duns, Smokejumper Midges or BWO’s, Harrop’s Hanging Midge, and any Midge cluster of your choice. Tight to the bank. Evenings may provide the best dry-fly opportunities as the wind calms and light dims.

Nymphing: As usual this is method is bringing back the most success stories at the end of the day. Firebeads are still working, Zebra Midges, PT’s, Lightning Bugs, some of the Czechy Things, and Worms. Don’t forget the worms. Six to eight feet from indicator to split shot, 6-8″ to first fly, 16-20″ to second nymph.

Streamers: We are finally hearing good reports on the streamer. That big old brown in the photo was caught on the streamer by our Alaskan guide friend Jeff Heiskel. We think he was throwing a flesh fly or some type of articulated chartreuse egg sucking bunny-bou. Probably found it in his Alaska box. On a serious note, try some flashy streamers or white. Bigger, articulated patterns stripped lively off the bank can induce some predation from browns holding tight. But until water temps rise, slower and lower action will still be the most consistent tactic.  Sinking tips seem to help. Adjust your length and sink rate accordingly.



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