A slow start in Craig,MT this morning as most are in recovery mode from yesterdays Caddis Festival. Not to worry, the splitting headache and nausea will quickly diminish once a few Missouri River trout are flopping around in your net. The question is, how does one get those trout in the net? 

Today the flows at Holter Dam are at 8,720 cfs and the temperature gauge is reading 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Bugs are the talk of the town this weekend as we saw some good hatches over the past few days. BWO, March Brown, Midges and even some Caddis can be seen out there on the river. Fishing on Friday was great, yesterday a little slower -it’s always a bit slower when the sun is bright and clear. Today things are shaping up for a great day on the river. There is some good cloud cover rolling in with some forecasted rain later in the day -that’s just the right recipe for Baetis -or for streamer action if the wind spoils the dries.  Rain also makes for better worm fishin’ so don’t go out today without a few San Juan’s in your box.

Nymphs of choice these days:  SJW’s (wire or chenille -mostly in red but try pink, brown or even purple), Firebead stuff (Czech, Rays, Scuds), Scuds & Sowbugs (Pink, Tan, and Grey), Throw some PT’s and other mayfly looking stuff in the mix, and don’t forget to try some sub surface Caddis patterns.

Dries: Larger Parachute Adams or Purple Haze in #14 and #16 for March Browns, Sprout Emergers and Last Chance Cripples for the Baetis, and Stocking Wing Caddis for those who dare to try some thing different.

Streamers: There should be good streamer action today. The fish seem to like darker colors. A good ol’ fashioned Wooly Bugger in Black or Olive should do the trick, #4 and #6 are good sizes.


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