The Missouri River @ Toston

The Missouri River @ Toston

Good morning from the friendly fly fishing experts at CrossCurrents Fly Shop. We have some great fishing ahead of us this week! Weather is going to be nice a warm with a thunderstorm or two thrown in the mix. Flows are remaining steady at the mid 8K range. Flows coming into the chain of lakes above us is just over the 20K mark. Canyon Ferry Reservoir is at 76% of capacity and filling.

Will the river come up below Holter Dam? Yes, probably. That makes sense to me, water coming in at 20,000 cfs and going out at 8,500 cfs. That lake is eventually going to fill. When will this happen? We aren’t sure. It depends. Weather, agricultural draw, snowpack, and dam management. There are lot’s of variables to consider, lots of moving parts. It’s hard to look into the crystal ball and tell exactly what will happen.

The one thing we know will happen is we will be fishing. Lately it has been pretty good out on the river. Nymphing, streamers, and dries are all producing. Nymphing is productive, streamers are good in the appropriate conditions, and dry fly fishing can be found if you look hard enough.

Some of our favorite nymphs have been- Lightning Bug in pink or silver #16 and #18, a fire bead pattern or two, Bloom’s weight fly in purple #16, Flash back PT #16 and #18, Pink Amex #14.

Streamers- Wooly Bugger in white or olive #4, Sparkle Minnow in white #6, JJ Special, Jim’s AOF Bugger #4.

Dires- Elk Hair Caddis #14, Parachute Adams #18 and #20, Hi-Viz BWO Spinners #18.

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