Ed with a Bow

Ed with a Bow

Holter Dam is flowing at 11,100 cfs, water temperature is 53 degrees F. Fishing is good despite higher flows, we are seeing more action on top as each day passes, the good time to get out there for Dry action is still the evening/later evening. Nymphing is Grrrreeeaaatttt, 8 ft. to your split shot is a good way to start off the day, adjust accordingly as you move down river. Streammmeerrsss, also doing well, yesterday was slower for them, but the day before was phenom! Fast strip, slow strip and swinging are all still the route to go for those guys.

Hot Nymphs: Czach Nymph, Sow Bug, Fire bead (unfortunately is still working) Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge…. call us for the secret nymph of the week

Hot Dries: Hi-Vis BWO Spinner, Cluster Midge, Cripple, Purple Haze and my favorite, the infamous Elk Hair Caddis

Hot Streamers: OLIVE BUGGERS… and shiny baitfish stuff

Give CrossCurrents Fly Shop a call for a much more detailed fishing report… 406-235-3433


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