If you have looked at the CFS flows for the MO this morning, you’ll see that she is running at around 11,500. Rumor has it that we’ll see our peak flow for the year in a week or two, somewhere between 14,000-16,000cfs. What does this current flow mean for you? Well to be honest, it hasn’t really changed the MO much in terms of fishing for the last couple weeks. We have still been seeing plenty of noses, and getting plenty of fish with both dry fly and nymphing techniques.

Let’s talk dry fly fishing first. The fish our up, you’ll know that by the number of boats that have been posted up on pods of noses the last week or so. PMDs have shown up, and the caddis are coming on strong too. The trusty HiVis Rusty Spinner and it’s counterpart the HiVis PMD Spinner have been very reliable flies for the surface. I often pair this with a Corn Fed Caddis as my first fly, then trail the spinner behind. Double Duck or Stocking Wing Caddis will work as well. Just remember on the MO, CDC flies are king. There is something about CDC on a dry fly that our trout just love. Use our Jet Fuel floatant on the CDC and you’ll love the result. Other PMD flies like the RS2 PMD, PMD Cripples, the Sprout PMD Emerger are all fine choices.

Going below the surface, there is still a lot going on. With the higher flows, wire worms and sowbugs are still great options and are hooking up with plenty of fish. When you see the PMDs start popping, if you aren’t seeing noses right away, be sure to change up to PMD nymphs like the Psycho May PMD, S&M PMD, PT Green Machines, and PT Military Mays. These are dynamite nymphs that will definitely produce for you. Target the swirly water that tends to suck down your indicator, but be ready, the fish have been stacked in that type of water the last few days and have been very willing to eat.

To continue with the rumor of the peak flow happening soon, after that happens, we should see a slow but steady lowering of the CFS after we get our flush! Tight lines and keeping at it out there.

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