A fishing update from the friendly and knowledgeable staff at CrossCurrents for one of Montana’s finest trout waters, The Missouri River. The flows at Holter this morning are at 3,020 cfs. A slight drop from the past few days. Water temps are keeping steady at 64F. Our weather forecast for the Craig area is showing some colder mornings with afternoon highs in the 80’s and possibly dropping down into the 70’s. Traffic on the river has dropped quite a bit the past few days as we are now into August.  The fishing seems typical for  August, not as many anglers out on the water and not as many staying into the late afternoons.  The Afternoons can fish well and that is a good time to fish the hopper for sure.

How is the fishing? It has picked up the past few days from the slower action we had in the recent past. It is officially time to throw that hopper of yours.  Hopefully we end up having a good hopper year, it could come on late? Lets hope.  The Caddis hatch is going fairly well, but the fish aren’t eating them like we want to. It comes on strong late at night and the fish probably key in on them for a midnight snack when there is nobody out fishing. Trico’s….sometimes great in the morning, sometimes not. Warmer days seem to get them going earlier. We still see some PMD’s out here and there but they are pretty much over, we will see a few as we get further into August.

Favorite Flies

Dry-CDC Stocking Wing Caddis #16 and #18(We just got them back in stock), CDC Elk Hair Caddis #18, Angel Wing Trico Spinner #22, P. Adams #20, Morrish Hopper Pink #12, Chubby C. Pink #10, Bloom’s Ant #16.

Nymph-Blooms Weight Fly #16, Czech Nymph #16, Mirage Nymph #20, Love Bug #20, Purple Lighting Bug #18. The Nyphing has been pretty good out there the past few days. Weeds have calmed down a bit. For now.

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