Lets just say that I have seen fish up feeding in places they are not normally.  I would hurry and get in on the afternoon hatch.  LOTS of HEADS UP!  Pods, finally good sized Pods.   The fish up will eat a midge and they will eat the baetis as well.  Put it.. read more →

We got the snow, yes.  Guide trips are out today and the sun is shining on our shoulders John Denver.  Fly fishing could be great today! read more →

Hey, Fall is here man with a dose of Winter on tap too. We have a Winter system making its way towards Craig, MT and the Missouri River.  Today we should see a high around 58 degrees with a 30% chance of showers turning into snow showers over night.  We are going to start the.. read more →

Check out this short write-up about a fall western fishing trip on brocklong.com   America is Full of …. read more →

We have a water flow of 2920 cfs today.  The water’s temperature is right around 60 degrees F.  We are forcasted for a high of 59 today with a 10% chance of precipitation and sunny skies.  The wind should be out of the West at 12mph.  We have ice in boats and a lot of.. read more →

We are going to see temperatures climb back into the 60’s. The big issues this weekend will be too much sun and wind. That’s right wind and sun. We are getting into the BWO stretch of the shoulder months here. We now hate the sun, pray for shitty weather but curse the wind. We never.. read more →

Thats right folks, the streamer bite is getting better.  We have a few streamer like days coming up here.  Weeds can be a headache or almost not an issue it just depends on the Missouri River Weed Equation for said day.  Get out here, line up that sink tip line and toss some big bugs. read more →

Have you seen this bear?  I will give you a hint, he doesn’t move much.  Look close! We have had a run of some cooler days here recently.  The cloud cover has been nice for the fishing too.  Today will have more sunshine, a high of about 85 degrees, zero chance for precipitation and it.. read more →

The Little Green Machine and a Taylor Todd, how do you replace these two guys? The Green Machine seems to fly out of a fly shop as soon as it is stocked on the shelf and thats if your fly shop can even get them. Or more likely your local guide is buying all 6.. read more →

It’s still summer out here on the Missouri, we have chicks catching fish! We are praying for the cooler days of September.   It looks like we have a few more days of this heat left but the good stuff is around the corner.  That’s right start dreaming of those BWOs, October most likely but.. read more →