We have a water flow of 2920 cfs today.  The water’s temperature is right around 60 degrees F.  We are forcasted for a high of 59 today with a 10% chance of precipitation and sunny skies.  The wind should be out of the West at 12mph.  We have ice in boats and a lot of fog this morning that should burn off by mid day.

The number of heads up in the river has just exploded, seriously!  We are talking thousands of fish up in the evening eating various sizes of baetis.  Hit them now while they are not as picky.  In a few weeks these fish will require our best.  If we have too much sun today it shouldn’t matter, these fish are looking up in the evenings.  

Recommended flies:

# 20 Para Adams

# 22 Sprout Baetis Emerger

# 20 Film Critic

# 22/20 RS-2

# 20 Comparadun BWO

# 22/20 Harrop’s Last Chance Cripple

# 20 Hi-Vis Spinner BWO

# 20 CDC Baetis Dun

Nymph fishing is good(really great) but it’s fish the dry fly time!

Get your Beatis box and get on the water by 4pm!  Get sneaky and stalk a bank, pick a head and cast to that exact fish don’t just cast and blast.  Be deliberate out there.

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