We are going to see temperatures climb back into the 60’s. The big issues this weekend will be too much sun and wind. That’s right wind and sun. We are getting into the BWO stretch of the shoulder months here. We now hate the sun, pray for shitty weather but curse the wind. We never get what we want but just enough to make the fishing pretty darn good this time of year.

That said this weekend is not going to be one of those stretches of bad good weather or good bad weather or? You get the idea. So now we have to deal with the sun. We should see a strong S to SW wind all weekend. South winds are good for going way down river. Just an idea. Nymph fishing is always good, we know the Blue Wings are in the water so a small mayfly nymph can win the battle. The streamer bite is getting stronger everyday, the force has been VERY strong lately. Come check out all of the new streamer patterns in

Maybe not too convincing of a report? Well we are trying to have this river to ourself this weekend. If I was on the fence about getting out here this weekend I would go for it. Pretty soon you will be calling us asking if it’s snowing.

By the way we are seeing more than a few Beatis on the water. Last night the number of fish up was impressive, very impressive.




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  1. Best of luck out there for you guys! Should be an awesome weekend if the wind stays calm. Cheers.


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