Have you seen this bear?  I will give you a hint, he doesn’t move much.  Look close!


We have had a run of some cooler days here recently.  The cloud cover has been nice for the fishing too.  Today will have more sunshine, a high of about 85 degrees, zero chance for precipitation and it is dead calm out right now.  This would be a great day to get out and toss hoppers!

The fishing is doing pretty good.  Nymphing up at the dam is good as always.  Take your time, get that rig away from your boat and down stream.  The rest of the river is nymphing fine as well, just weeds are still a factor.  The hopper bite is good as well at times again down river and away from the boat.  The guides are spreading out on the river more so these days.  Oh, and we are getting good reports from the few and brave that are willing to battle the weeds with a streamer.   Flows are still around 3,050 cfs and the water is topping out around 65 degrees.

The bikini hatch is officially over, you may see a few spurts during the weekends.

Favorite Flies: Yeti Hopper Purple #12, B/C Hopper Dropper Yellow #10, CDC Flying Ant #16, Bird of Prey #16, PT #20, Zebra Midge #20, Mirage Nymph #22, Sparkle Minnow #6, Wooly Bugger White #4.

Get out there mid-week and enjoy the Missouri River!!

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