****See Details below about a FREE Orivis H2 Hat ****


The flows this AM are at 3080 with a Median flow of 4190.  So its low, and its warm to hot at 65 degrees +/- a few.  Is the fly fishing World coming to an end here in Craig, MT?  NO, the game has just changed and we have to change to be successful in these slow and low days of August.   Don’t leave feeding fish to find other feeding fish.  Don’t be affraid to fish a windy day where an errant hopper could land on the water triggering fish to eat big foamy flies.  Feel free to turn your back on the bank once in a while to fish mid river.  Don’t feel strange trying something different.  It’s August and soon we will all be complaining about ice on the guides.  

Hot Flies:

CDC Trico Emerger 18-22
Trico Thorax 18-22
Hi-Vis Spinner 20-22
Parachute Ants 14-16
Western Lady Hoppers

Snozeberry Hoppers

Yeti Hoppers

RS-2 in gray and olive

Oh yeah almost forgot, free hat.  Don’t forget to send in your bad fish picture by midnight tonight to be entered to win a free Orvis H2 hat.

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