Please refer to 8.23.13 Fishing report, not much has changed.  Well not really but here it is anyway.

Trico’s in the morning up by the dam, fish your nymphs before and after the spinner fall.   Try your luck at being the first boat up at the dam as we head into this work week, it will pay off.   We hear lots of reports of hoppers doing ok in lower stretches of the river but don’t forget grasshoppers happen up by the dam too.    A few more Calibaetis came off yesterday.  It wasn’t enough to justify a Calibaetis specific fly but a parachute Adams or a crippled pattern could do the trick.   You will still find some caddis here and there but not in big numbers.   Most importantly get out there this week if you have the time off, we should see less people on the river.

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