Flows are remaining steady around 3100cfs and the water temps are ranging from 64-67degrees F. Breezy this morning on the MO, which could keep Tricos off the water, but fish are still on them. Emerger patterns will work well if you can’t find fish eating on top. Regardless, the spinners will accumulate in dead water and fish should key in on them in slower or back currents. If you are floating, try searching with an Adams 14-18 or other attractors with a dry or wet dropper. By noon, fishing will slow down as the temps rise. Terrestrial patterns are working well. Hoppers short-leashed with ants and beetles are picking up quality fish in the heat of the day.

Evening fishing can be great if the wind cooperates. Caddis will be present throughout the river, but have not been showing up in force lately. Nymphing remains consistent with smaller mayfly, caddis and midge patterns, just be prepared to clean your rig of weeds every other cast. We have even been hearing reports of good streamer action as well early and late in the day in water with more current and less weeds.

Recommended Patterns:
CDC Trico Emerger 18-22
Trico Thorax 18-22
Hi-Vis Spinner 20-22
Parachute Ants 14-16
Western Lady Hoppers
Snozeberry Hopper
RS-2 in gray and olive

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