I find myself living the same day over and over again, and my name is not Phil Connors. Wake up. Coffee. Food. Open shop. Flows at 3000cfs. Water temp 65. Hot and Sunny. Weeds. Tricos and terrestrials. Day by day, by day, by day. And we’re expecting the same through the weekend.

Sure, it’s getting repetitive around here but there is still great fishing to be had. Good reports are coming in from the whole river. The best fishing is below the dam where the water temps are the lowest and the weeds are minimal. Good Trico hatches have been occurring in this stretch regularly.  You won’t be alone, and for good reason. The good fishing, as well as the favorable wading access is attracting crowds, but most boats will be through there by mid afternoon.

Downstream, between Wolf Creek Bridge and Craig, success favors the anglers who can get to, and work productive water repeatedly. Plenty of access and low water is very favorable for wading in this stretch. Work all depths of your claimed piece of water. You should keep in mind that many nice sized fish will hold in the shallows close to the bank, so drift a few close to shore before walking out into the current.

From Craig down, I would suggest hoppers, ants and beetles fished from bank to bank. Also, a dropper nymph will increase your odds. If winds do not pick up, you should see some caddis in the evenings.

Peace out trout.

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