Missouri River Fishing Report for 09/18/14:
Brown Town
Clouds are out and fish are up, get your Thursday morning rolling with a Grade A fishing report for the Mighty MO.

Water temps are great and should continue to drop through out the month, sitting at a pretty 59 F this afternoon. It will stay cloudy all morning, then the sun should be poppin’ gettin’ those hatchin’ bugs all excited.

Dry Flies are the name of the game right now. There’s been bugs coming off from late morning until dusk every day it is not windy. Nymph Game… Indicator fishing is always good on this ole river. Streamer fishing has been hit or miss, usually hitting with the clouds and missing with the sun. The water temperature is good for streamers and fish are wanting to move for their food. 

HOT Dries: Think BIG- Caddis, anything elk hair or covered in cdc. Baetis patterns have also been working well, a classic Parachute Adams will do the trick. Also still in the hunt – Ants and Hoppers.

HOT Nymphs: #14 to #18- Purple weight fly, any type of midge pattern, lightning bugs-pink or silver. Also try throwing some Czech nymphs, sow bugs  and scud patterns.

HOT Streamers: Skiddish Smolt, Sparkle Minnow, Buggers- black, olive or a mixture of both with some flash. Also try throwing some baby brown trout patterns and sculpin patterns.

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Stay Classy you Crazy Fishermen

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