The water temps at Holter Dam are finally on a steady drop. This morning the reading is at 60.8. We haven’t seen water temps into the 50’s in a long time. It will make the trout happy, which in turn will make the anglers happy. Look for these water temps real soon. The high tomorrow is expected to be 49 with the night time low dipping into the 30’s.

Fishing is still a little hit or miss with streamers and dries. Hoppers are winding down, we are starting to see less in the grass around town. Some are still having some success with hoppers down near Cascade. There have been a few sightings of some potential BWO’s out on the river. I’m hesitant to say it’s officially started yet. Water temps are still a little too high, but we are having those dark BWO feeling days out there. I’m still going to make a few phone calls today to some friends and tell them we are about to turn the corner.

Streamer fishing is best with a smaller streamer in a dark color. Bill and I had some success on a few bigger bunny patterns yesterday, dark colors as well. A lot chases with the brighter colors, but they just don’t seem to commit unless its black or olive.

Nymphing is really picking up throughout the entire river. You can have some great days if watching the bobber is your thing. Smaller Mayfly nymphs are working great and some larger Caddis Pupa should be in the arsenal as well.

It’s finally fall out there! Yesterday felt like the first official day of fall around Craig. It just had that feeling. Enjoy the river as it starts to recover from a long summer of high water temps and minimal flows. It’s been really busy out there on the weekends! Keep that in mind when picking a day to fish.

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