One of the best things we have in Montana is dry fly fishing. The first signs of our best summer dry fly season kicks off with Salmon Flies, Pteronarcys californica. These big orange fellas are an attraction for any fly angler. We have people who travel from around the world for a shot at fishing size.. read more →

Random Ramble: NO BANANAS IN THE BOAT! We have all heard that one before, or the ol’ lucky fishing hat you can’t be on the river without. What about trimming the tag ends of your tippet after you tie on a fly? Or what about letting your buddy fish a run first to increase your.. read more →

01 Jun 2015
June 1, 2015

Monday Morning Ramble

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Welcome to the Monday morning rambling report from CrossCurrents Fly Shop in beautiful central Montana. Every Monday we will be coming to you live with some of the latest and greatest from around our area. Fishing Report:  The MO is fishing quite well for this time of year. Lower than average flows are the ticket to.. read more →

Do I go rifle hunting or do I head to the river for some fall fishing? That is the question most folks have been pondering for the past few days. If you aren’t hunting, the fishing on The MO is great and you need to purchase firearms & tactical equipment posthaste. Flows are at around.. read more →

The Missouri River is fishing great right now. So great its hard to leave. Most anglers are extending their trips a day or as long as their significant other will allow. Flows this morning are are 3,080 cfs and the water temps are hanging around in the low 50’s. Weather pattern is going to hold.. read more →

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re always tangled? Maybe, your knots always seem to fail. It could be that every fish you hook into gets off. If everything about your fishing seems to be struggling, come to The Missouri River. It’s fishing great. Flows are still the same.. read more →

The Missouri River below Holter Dam is fishing very well. Flows are hanging in there at a little above 3,200 cfs today. Water temps continue to drop. We were at 53F this morning. Expecting some clouds over the next few days. Good news for the weekend fishing. Traffic on the river has already picked up.. read more →

Flows this morning at Holter Dam were at 2,920 cfs with water temps at 57F. Traffic on the river is slowing down as the days get colder, most boats aren’t hitting the water until 9 in the morning.  Today will be a nice sunny day out there, but look for some possible rain and snow.. read more →

The water temps at Holter Dam are finally on a steady drop. This morning the reading is at 60.8. We haven’t seen water temps into the 50’s in a long time. It will make the trout happy, which in turn will make the anglers happy. Look for these water temps real soon. The high tomorrow.. read more →

Flows have seen a small bump in the last few days. We were below the 3,000 cfs mark and are now up around 3,200. It hasn’t changed fishing too much, but some will claim that the day the flows change the fishing will slow. I tend to agree. On Friday the fishing was on the.. read more →