The Missouri River is fishing great right now. So great its hard to leave. Most anglers are extending their trips a day or as long as their significant other will allow. Flows this morning are are 3,080 cfs and the water temps are hanging around in the low 50’s. Weather pattern is going to hold for the next few days. The highs will be in the mid 60’s and lows into the 40’s. River traffic is quite busy for this time of year. Boats are spread out over the entire river. Wade anglers are spread out at well.

Dry fly fishing is good in the afternoon. Some days are great and others it can be tough. There are mixed reports of success coming in for top water action. If you want to chase them with the dry, there is almost always an opportunity. Some fish are being taken on larger size 16 parachutes, but the picky fish are requiring the usual small emerger type patterns.

Nymphing is amazingly consistent out there. The fish are eating larger San Juan Worms, Czech Nymphs, and PT type stuff. Up towards the dam it is good to have some smaller midge patterns on the nymph rig. Really shallow rigs are doing the best. Indicator should be anywhere from one foot to three feet from your top fly. A Steel Worm or Tungsten Czech will be enough weight to get things down into fishy waters.

The streamer guys are out there getting a few tugs throughout the day. It can be really good towards the end of the day. Right at last light they are really hitting the streamer. Buggers are working well. We really like The Flash Fry in black. It’s a great one for swinging as well.

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