Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re always tangled? Maybe, your knots always seem to fail. It could be that every fish you hook into gets off. If everything about your fishing seems to be struggling, come to The Missouri River. It’s fishing great. Flows are still the same as well as the water temps. We are going to get some more rain and clouds for the weekend. Good news for the fishing. We are crossing our fingers for the weather to hold.

Dry fly fishing every afternoon. Tiny Mayflies are the hatch. Pseudos and Blue Wings are the bug. Parachute Adams #18 and RS2’s #20 are the flies. Perfect presentation and stealth are the game. 12ft 5x leaders are necessary.

Nymphing is on fire. Light rigs with minimal weight are getting it done. We like the Wire Worm right now, it has some weight and the fish eat it. Probably want to have a handful of PT’s before you hit the river. Try #18. If that doesn’t work put a Czech Nymph on there. Lots of colors and sizes working.

Streamers are picking up quite a few fish. Late at night they are doing great. Early in the morning they would be great, but it’s too cold to play that game. Smaller darker colors are still the best. we like the olive/wine color combo on the bugger. Size 6 is good.

2 Responses to Missouri River Fishing Update10/19/13
  1. Would love to be there but I received an invitation to join some folks in Loreto Mexico for some Dorado fishing in 87 degree weather (all expenses paid), hard to pass up.

    • I don’t blame you there. With winter knocking on the door most of us are thinking about warmer places to fish as well. Have fun on your trip!!


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