Flows have seen a small bump in the last few days. We were below the 3,000 cfs mark and are now up around 3,200. It hasn’t changed fishing too much, but some will claim that the day the flows change the fishing will slow. I tend to agree. On Friday the fishing was on the slower side with the big change. Yesterday was much better with more even flows. Today we are expecting some cooler weather with highs in the 60’s. The weather will remain more or less the same for the next few days.

Dry fly fishing has been hit or miss with hoppers and other terrestrials over the past few days. The best hopper fishing is down in the Pelican to Cascade stretch. You really have to cover a lot of water to get fish on the hopper, be patient. Our favorite hoppers are the Yeti in purple and peach #10, The Flopper #12, and The Panty Dropper Hopper #10. Nobody is talking Trico fishing anymore. The cooler weather has really slowed that hatch.

Nymphing is great side throughout the entire river. There are boats spread out at every boat ramp and doing well. Speaking of boats…it’s busy out there. It is almost as busy as July. Maybe even busier. The good news is that the weekends are worse so try a mid week adventure to the river. The best nymphs are all the small stuff. Zebra Midges are king, try size 20. We like the PT’s too. October Caddis nymphs are working and make a great weight fly.

There is a lot of talk about streamers around town. Small Wooly Buggers in darker colors are working the best. Most guys are using a sink tip with a moderate sinking rate, 3.9ips is the sweet spot. We have some new streamers in stock. They are big and ugly.

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