Our good friend Brock Long taking down some beef brisket Missouri River guide style

Our good friend Brock Long taking down some beef brisket Missouri River guide style

It’s starting to feel like the summer season in Craig,MT and nothing tops off a warm day on The MO like a meal at one of our local restaurants. We are lucky to have a great couple of places serving up delicious meals in such a small town. For us that live here all season long, we get pretty accustomed to their great food and enjoy spending some evenings exploring the different menus along the river.

One of our favorites, because of its location, is Izaak’s Restaurant centered right in the heart of downtown Craig. Lately we have been having great success with the beef brisket in either form of nacho’s or a sandwich. If you are feeling like a big dinner will seal the deal, try the brisket platter. Later in the evening the pulled pork seems to do the trick. The sandwich works best. If a bun isn’t your thing they will serve it up on a platter that will make your mouth water. For all those out there that love to get some messy fingers and only feel satisfied with BBQ sauce all over your smiling face, go with the ribs. A half rack usually gets the job done, but we recommend getting the full meal deal. If you can’t quite fish the full rack, take it out for lunch on the river the next day. Nothing will make your buddies more jealous when they see those ribs slide out of the cooler after a few hours of crushing rising fish on PMD’s.

As the summer season progresses more and more people find themselves in the upper river seeking a burger following a mid day row around nymphing up some rainbows at the dam. For this we recommend heading to The Oasis Bar and Grill for some of the best burgers on the river. Named after local landmarks, these juicy beefy treats will refuel the soul for a solid session of Caddis fishing into the evening. For those feeling picky on the burger bite we recommend going with the fish tacos trailed by a PBR with lime.

With The Missouri River Inn going out of business, finding a good menu in the lower canyon has been a little on the tougher side this season. If you venture that far downriver it’s best to end your day at one of the local watering holes in the thriving metropolis of Cascade. The Sportsman’s Bar is a local favorite that will get the job done.

Last but not least, is the simple be effective menu at Joe’s Bar. Just as classic as a Zug Bug or Royal Wulff, the menu at Joe’s never changes and never seems to get old. Serving up frozen pizzas that are heated to oder, they take good care of you when nothing else in town is working well. Especially in the late night.  Maybe some type of strange looking pickled delicacy that is displayed up behind the bar will make the evening. Reguardless of what is taken off the menu at Joe’s is must be followed by your favorite drink. We reccomend some Fireball Whiskey and don’t forget where there is one shot of fireball there is usally a few more so stay put and keep them coming.

Anybody coming to Craig in the next few days should stop by the big red barn and get the latest updates on the different menus in town. Our friendly staff keeps the most up to date with the happening of the food around the river. If your lucky we might just have some advice about the fishing and other happenings on the best trout river in the world.

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