Bill and Ed here with a quick fishing report for the good ole Missouri River.  Last night we floated in celebration of the longest day of the year and the marking of summer. There were plenty of fish feeding from bank to bank. The vast majority of them, including our rainbow friend from above, were eyeing down emergers of all types. From time to time we had some takes on the surface with a size 16 and 18 compara dun as well as size 16 and 18 taped wing caddis.

On zee bottom: #16-#20: Flashy PT’s, Mirage Nymphs, Sparkle Caddis Puppa

On zee top/ish: #16 – #20 PMD’s and #12 – #18 Caddis – Flash Cripple, Tilt-wing PMD, taped wing caddis, captive dun, TC caddis emergers, CDC caddis winged emergers, HI-Vis spinners

Streamers: Buggers and Sculpin will do you right, get after it while the weeds are still down

Have fun and stay hydrated out there

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