Where in the World is Phillip Ley?  See normally if Phillip leaves the Craig, MT post he puts a note up in the shop stating his whereabouts, in the 3rd person.  Phillip was last seen 8/9/2013 in Craig pulling a popup camper behind his sweet Yota rig going towards the highway.  Did he get bitten by the fly fishing bug?   I know the bug is very contagious here in Craig.  With the fear of the season ending soon a few guys every year contract the illness.  It can be sickening.  Family, friends, girlfriends, and even dogs will be left to the wayside.   Will he continue school or just turn complete fly fishing bum?  Will he travel the west chasing hatches camping on the banks of famous fly fishing waters?  I sure hope so.   He left his laundry bag, so he should be back.  Who knows.  He could just be in Dillion moving his stuff back for school but he should have left us that note.

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